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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Famous Pea Pod Giveaway

Galpin Studios  
Famous Pea Pod Giveaway

Thank your delicate Impression for the use of the newborn for my composite

The hottest known prop on the market is found only here and you could be the luck winner to own it. The Pea Pod is a must have in your studio.  Clients rave about this prop! they have sold  across the world.

We spent over three years working on its design, perfecting the shape and size. We had various samples made; we inspected each one and made all the changes necessary to ensure it was what we designed. We went into production and now we have the sweetest product to offer photographers everywhere, the perfect newborn and toddler prop. We are extremely proud of our Pea Pods, currently pending trademark. 

The inspiration of the Pea Pod came from so many versions of a boat, canon and fruit bowls, none we felt measured up to our standards. As photographer's we get inspired in many different way this was our passion, designing and creating the perfect props!

We are running a month long giveaway in an effort to give everyone a chance at this amazing prize. 
We hope that the winner will enjoy many years of photography with our Pea pod.

 Our Pea Pod is big enough for twins.

Good luck to all!