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Monday, October 24, 2011

Vintage Lucy's

Vintage Lucy's  a unique place to go down a trip through memory lane in fashion. This shop offers the cuties in your life the most adorable timeless treasure on Tees. What a treasure to discover!  whether you are a mom needing kitchen towels a teen sporting the vintage New age look or a, tween discovering a tail of stories left behind from your grandma or grandpa, or a wee little new  life just born to this amazing world.

Vintage Lucy's offers something for everyone bringing what was old now is New to life!  Remembering the stories behind the graphic is the sweetest part of it all, from your favorite old pal waging his tail or that classic face holding your favorite soft drink. Vintage Lucy's has it all.

Visit this sweet place and follow your dreams down memory lane to the classics you once knew! Enjoy and happy trails.

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