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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

For The love of Photography Giveaway!

For The love of Photography Giveaway

We all Love Photography, whether you are an amateur or a pro, its a moment captured by vision brought to life in a flash! 
Those special seconds seen through the eyes of a lens are now visual stories.  A babies first mouth bubbles, a romantic glance, a soft touch.  It is truly amazing how our eyes can see these moments and create a storyboard of life.  For me photography seeps through my heart like raindrops that saturate a meadow. Its like a movie reel that never shuts off.  Every aspect of my world is there for me to capture, but not just taking a shot, I mean really look beyond what you see. If you stare at a bench then its just a bench, however if you look deeper it can tell a story of lost love, or lonely moments in time. Next time you see a piece of paper in a puddle of water close your eyes for a second and daydream of that moment then capture it. You can tell a story like no one else can, becasue you lived the moment. 

Thank you to all the vendors that sponsored our Love of Photography giveaway.  I live by the Galpin Studios Slogan, "If you can dream it we'll make it happen" Live by yours!

Galpin Studios 
A collection of Valentine's Day Templates 
Value $125


Gift Certificate $40

Simply Baby Photo Props

Newborn Ears Hat with Pink Heart and Blanket Value $50

Ja'Dior Couture Tots 
2 Couture headbands Value $40


Snap up the Deals

Value $79

Mini Marketing Session Set for Photographers
includes 26  marketing cards for various holidays and seasons
includes 17 marketing rep cards
includes 3 shape to display your marketing cards on social media
includes a how to use video 

Rock A-Bye Baby

Gift Certificate $40



Simply Spindle Children's Boutique

Gift Certificate $40 



Princess and frog boutique

Gift Certificate $40



Chelsea Celeste Designs - Photo props and more

Gift Certificate $40 



Swaddle Me Baby

Gift Certificate $40 



ANGEL Kissed Designs

Gift Certificate $100


Photographer's Wall Display Guides

Shoot & Sell app or wall guides set (value $80-$120)



kansas pitts photography

Shine Brite Backdrop Value $150 



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  1. Thank you so much for the awesome giveaway <3 and happy valentine's day

  2. Thanks for the giveaway!